If you’ve been putting off learning a second language, now’s the time. With all the web applications available, it’s easier than ever to learn that language that you’ve always wanted to speak. Take a look at these twenty applications that can help you learn on the go. We’ve found apps for both your iPhone and your home computer.

  1. Spanish!: Spanish! is a great application for your iPhone that essentially works like audio flashcards. Learn Spanish words as you ride the bus, wait for a doctor’s appointment or eat lunch.
  2. iStart Spanish!: This is another great iPhone application for learning Spanish. This app is easy to use, offers quizzes, and teaches a wide variety of vocabulary and also focuses on correct pronunciation.
  3. Basic Spanish for Dummies: Part of the “for dummies” series, this application for iPhone offers basic Spanish words and phrases. This is a great application for those who just need a Spanish refresher.
  4. French in Space: This iPhone app lets you learn French in a fun way. Using French in Space is a lot like playing an old school arcade game.
  5. Talking French Phrasebook: This great iPhone app is perfect for the traveler. Hear commonly used phrases spoken to you for helping you learn or for helping you know what to say “on the fly” when you travel.
  6. Accela Study: This French study application for your iPhone offers 2400 basic and advanced vocabulary words. The vocabulary is divided into different categories, like colors, days, months, seasons, etc.
  7. German Travel Pro: This iPhone app helps you translate in German and offers several native voices for better understanding of native dialects.
  8. Gengo Flashcards: Gengo offers great vocabulary flash cards in several different languages, including German. It’s a great way for you to learn German vocabulary on your own time.
  9. Conversation English: For your friends who need to learn English, recommend this great iPhone application that teaches English from a conversational position.
  10. Collins Pro Italian English Translator: This is a great app for the person who wants to learn Italian or the person who is traveling to Italy and will need a little translation help.
  11. Italian 101: This great application is perfect for learning Italian from scratch or for a refresher course. Use it right on your iPhone.
  12. eStroke Animated Chinese Characters: This iPhone application teaches both traditional and simplified Chinese characters in one application. Learning both sets of characters at once gives you a more comprehensive understanding of the language.
  13. iCed Chinese Dictionary for iPhone: This application makes learning Chinese faster than ever. Once you’ve chosen an entry, the application will provide the entry in multiple contexts so that you can more quickly learn to converse.
  14. Digital Dialects: This is a fantastic website. You can play interactive games in more than 50 languages. The games are not only fun, but a great way to learn. All the games on the site are free, too!
  15. Language Gain: This is another great site for your home computer that can help you learn a new language by playing games. You can learn Spanish, French, Italian or German here.
  16. Transparent Language: This website also offers games and lots of different learning tools in over 100 different languages. There are free lessons, and for more in-depth lessons, you can pay for software. This site offers a lot of information, but is more difficult to navigate than some of the other sites.
  17. Scholastic Teachers: Scholastic always has great online games for kids. This site offers several games to teach kids Spanish. This is a great way to get your child interested in learning a foreign language.
  18. Word 2 Word: Word 2 Word is the most comprehensive list of free online foreign language classes you can find. This site doesn’t actually offer foreign language lessons, but offers a list of free classes on the web for you to choose.
  19. Live Mocha: Live Mocha offers a great way to enhance your foreign language lessons. The site is free, and when you join, you indicate your native language as well as the language you would like to learn. Then, you’re able to improve your conversation skills by chatting with others in the language you’re learning.
  20. Byki: Byki is one of the most well known foreign language software companies. You can download Byki Express for free in 74 different languages. You can also use language learning resources online. When you’ve outgrown the free resources, you can buy more advanced software to keep you going.

So, what are you waiting for? With all these resources for your iPhone and home computer, there’s no excuse for not learning that foreign language today!

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