The education system in America is a complex and diverse one. Since many of the decisions about running our education systems are made at the state level, each state has a slightly different way of running public schools and teaching students.

Learning more about the education system, and how public education works in general, can be beneficial to many people. And, you can get a lot of the information you need from free open courseware classes taught by some of the country’s most prestigious universities. Here are 20 open courseware classes on education you might want to bookmark.

  1. Knowledge in Everyday Life: This course explores how children naturally acquire knowledge. It helps teachers to better use a child’s natural abilities to help them learn. (Open University)
  2. Introduction to Education: Understanding and Evaluating Education: This class from MIT explores issues in America’s schools. (MIT)
  3. Educational Theory and Practice: This course from MIT covers educational reform, student behavior and motivation, curriculum design and the teaching profession. It is designed for those who plan to go into classroom teaching. (MIT)
  4. Media, Education and the Marketplace: This course from MIT focuses on how media is used in education and influences it. (MIT)
  5. Computer Games and Simulations for Investigation and Education: This course from MIT explores how we learn from computer games and their place in today’s education system. (MIT)
  6. Teaching College Level Science: This course from MIT explores the knowledge and skills required for teaching science and engineering at the college level. (MIT)
  7. Educational Software: This course from Delft University of Technology explores the role of software in the classroom as well as the teaching principles employed when using software for teaching. (Delft University of Technology)
  8. Learning Seminar: Experiments in Education: This course from MIT explores how learning should happen and under what contexts it is allowed to happen. (MIT)
  9. Entertainment Education for Behavior Change: This course from Johns Hopkins explores the ways in which education can be subtly injected into entertainment for the purposes of teaching. (Johns Hopkins)
  10. Multicultural Education and ESL Education: English as a Second Language courses have truly changed the way America’s schools teach, as has the multi-cultural atmosphere of today’s schools. This course from Dixie State College of Utah explores the theoretical and foundational underpinnings of multi-cultural education and ESL in order to help teachers be better equipped to accommodate diversity in their classrooms. (Dixie State College)
  11. Introduction to Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science: This course from MIT provides an introduction to teaching and learning in American K-12 classrooms. (MIT)
  12. Research for the Classroom Teacher: This course from Utah State looks at research as used by teachers for preparing classroom lessons. (Utah State)
  13. Instructional Games: This course from Utah State University explores the role of instructional games in the classroom. (Utah State)
  14. Introduction to Open Education: This course from Utah State University introduces students to the current state of the field of open education. (Utah State)
  15. Computer Applications for Instruction and Training: An introduction to basic computer applications on the MAC, with a focus on how these applications would be used in the classroom. This course is offered by Utah State University. (Utah State)
  16. Play, Learning and the Brain: This course from the Open University examines how the brain uses play for learning. It’s a great course for early childhood teachers and for parents. (Open University)
  17. Educational Policy Analysis and Research in Comparative Perspective: This course, offered by Harvard, focuses on how policy leaders can help improve education in the US and around the world. (Harvard)
  18. Highlights for High School: This course is geared toward high school teachers and helps high school teachers find ways of teaching that are innovative and keep the classroom interesting for students. (MIT)
  19. Kitchen Chemistry: Use everyday experiments that can be done in the kitchen to teach science to the students. This course helps kids understand how important science is in everyday life. (MIT)
  20. Expository Writing: Analyzing Mass Media: This course helps teachers find ways to teach writing in a way that will appeal to students. Most of our students are mass media experts, so they enjoy learning writing that lets them use this element of their lives. (MIT)

Open courseware is a great tool for everyone. But, it’s especially wonderful for teachers. With these great open courseware offerings, you can stay up to speed on teaching techniques and developments in education without having to leave your home.

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