The education system in America is a complex and diverse one. Since many of the decisions about running our education systems are made at the state level, each state has a slightly different way of running public schools and teaching students.

Learning more about the education system, and how public education works in general, can be beneficial to many people. And, you can get a lot of the information you need from free open courseware classes taught by some of the country’s most prestigious universities. Here are 20 open courseware classes on education you might want to bookmark.


Your Android can be both a personal and a professional tool that can make you more productive and more organized. It can also help you have more fun, both in and out of the classroom. Check out these 19 Android apps we think are great for teachers.

  1. Twidroid: This is one of the most popular twitter client on the android platform. You’ll find it makes it easy to keep up with those you follow on twitter and send tweets yourself.
  2. Health News: Get all the health news you need including alerts about disease outbreaks with this android app. Learn about all the communicable diseases going around in the world, including about the H1N1 in your area. It is critical that teachers know the illnesses going around in their communities to avoid exposure.
  3. Loopt: Loopt connects you to your friends and the places around you. See where your friends are and what they’re doing. Connect on the fly and instantly share photos, comments, and cool places.
  4. Opera Mini: It can browse the entire Web on your Android phone and save time and money. Opera mini compresses pages up to 90%, making web browsing fast. Synchronize your bookmarks, history, notes and more between your computer and mobile phone.
  5. Voice Recorder: This application is a handy voice recorder that records your data onto an SD card. You can also send the data as an attached file via Gmail.
  6. Google Sky Map: A star map for Android. Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a really cool window on the night sky. When you point your phone up you will see a map of the brightest stars, constellations, and planets in that part of the sky. You can also see the names of the constellations by putting the camera up to them.
  7. To Do Task Manager Pro: Keep your activities organized, and your to do lists in order.
  8. Talking Calendar: Keep up with your appointments with a calendar that talks to you!
  9. 5001 Amazing Facts: This app is great for use in the classroom. You’ll find out all sorts of information that you can share with your students.
  10. Upvise: This Android app lets you access and share business information. You’ll find it helpful when you’re away from school at a conference and need to keep in touch.
  11. AK Notepad: This notepad for Android provides a great way to make, store and track notes. This little app makes it much easier to stay organized and keep track of your notes.
  12. Formulas Lite: This app has all the most important formulas for math, physics and chemistry. It also has a scientific calculator. This is a great app for teens, too.
  13. Grading Scale for Teachers: Easily calculate test scores with this handy Android app.
  14. Android Grade Rubric: This is a very simple grading tool for teachers who use a rubric to grade assignments and projects. Once you set up the rubric for the project, the app helps you grade the papers really fast.
  15. Urban Dictionary: When your kids come into class speaking the latest lingo, you’ll be able to get the 411 on the word by using this Android application.
  16. Nook for Android: This is a Barnes and Noble application that helps you get books through your Nook application on your Android. It’s a great way to pre-read books before you assign them in class.
  17. Pocket Knowledge: This is a great app. It can answer just about any question you have about anything! Categories include math, culture, chemistry, sports, weather, nutrition, socioeconomic data, and more.
  18. Music Dictionary: Music teachers will love this one. It has all the common and not so common musical words, including those in Italian, at your fingertips.
  19. News Environment: This app provides environmental news. It’s great for helping create lesson plans around Earth Day, or any time you want to discuss environmental issues in the classroom.

We’re hopeful that more Android apps designed specifically for teachers will be on the market soon. But, in the meantime, these should give you lots of ways to make your Android work for you.

If you’ve been putting off learning a second language, now’s the time. With all the web applications available, it’s easier than ever to learn that language that you’ve always wanted to speak. Take a look at these twenty applications that can help you learn on the go. We’ve found apps for both your iPhone and your home computer.

  1. Spanish!: Spanish! is a great application for your iPhone that essentially works like audio flashcards. Learn Spanish words as you ride the bus, wait for a doctor’s appointment or eat lunch.
  2. iStart Spanish!: This is another great iPhone application for learning Spanish. This app is easy to use, offers quizzes, and teaches a wide variety of vocabulary and also focuses on correct pronunciation.
  3. Basic Spanish for Dummies: Part of the “for dummies” series, this application for iPhone offers basic Spanish words and phrases. This is a great application for those who just need a Spanish refresher.
  4. French in Space: This iPhone app lets you learn French in a fun way. Using French in Space is a lot like playing an old school arcade game.
  5. Talking French Phrasebook: This great iPhone app is perfect for the traveler. Hear commonly used phrases spoken to you for helping you learn or for helping you know what to say “on the fly” when you travel.
  6. Accela Study: This French study application for your iPhone offers 2400 basic and advanced vocabulary words. The vocabulary is divided into different categories, like colors, days, months, seasons, etc.
  7. German Travel Pro: This iPhone app helps you translate in German and offers several native voices for better understanding of native dialects.
  8. Gengo Flashcards: Gengo offers great vocabulary flash cards in several different languages, including German. It’s a great way for you to learn German vocabulary on your own time.
  9. Conversation English: For your friends who need to learn English, recommend this great iPhone application that teaches English from a conversational position.
  10. Collins Pro Italian English Translator: This is a great app for the person who wants to learn Italian or the person who is traveling to Italy and will need a little translation help.
  11. Italian 101: This great application is perfect for learning Italian from scratch or for a refresher course. Use it right on your iPhone.
  12. eStroke Animated Chinese Characters: This iPhone application teaches both traditional and simplified Chinese characters in one application. Learning both sets of characters at once gives you a more comprehensive understanding of the language.
  13. iCed Chinese Dictionary for iPhone: This application makes learning Chinese faster than ever. Once you’ve chosen an entry, the application will provide the entry in multiple contexts so that you can more quickly learn to converse.
  14. Digital Dialects: This is a fantastic website. You can play interactive games in more than 50 languages. The games are not only fun, but a great way to learn. All the games on the site are free, too!
  15. Language Gain: This is another great site for your home computer that can help you learn a new language by playing games. You can learn Spanish, French, Italian or German here.
  16. Transparent Language: This website also offers games and lots of different learning tools in over 100 different languages. There are free lessons, and for more in-depth lessons, you can pay for software. This site offers a lot of information, but is more difficult to navigate than some of the other sites.
  17. Scholastic Teachers: Scholastic always has great online games for kids. This site offers several games to teach kids Spanish. This is a great way to get your child interested in learning a foreign language.
  18. Word 2 Word: Word 2 Word is the most comprehensive list of free online foreign language classes you can find. This site doesn’t actually offer foreign language lessons, but offers a list of free classes on the web for you to choose.
  19. Live Mocha: Live Mocha offers a great way to enhance your foreign language lessons. The site is free, and when you join, you indicate your native language as well as the language you would like to learn. Then, you’re able to improve your conversation skills by chatting with others in the language you’re learning.
  20. Byki: Byki is one of the most well known foreign language software companies. You can download Byki Express for free in 74 different languages. You can also use language learning resources online. When you’ve outgrown the free resources, you can buy more advanced software to keep you going.

So, what are you waiting for? With all these resources for your iPhone and home computer, there’s no excuse for not learning that foreign language today!

As for teaching many methods and practices can be adopted as according to the learning style and capacity to learn. As in for most of the cases for teaching a tutor needs to focus on learning capacity of a learner by assessing him by various methods and techniques. However, for basic purpose of teaching and learning a tutor can divide a leaner in number of classes according to their learning capacity.

  • Teaching Tactile Learners: These types of learners tend to capture lessons by method of touch as they can understand directions which they can learn by means of manipulative. They learn things best by drawing, making models, making dioramas, playing board games and following instruction to make something.
  • Teaching kinesthetic Learners: This is a class of learners that learn things by touching and manipulating them.  They tend to involve their entire body for learning. They learn any methods and lesson best if that is acted before them. They learn things best by indulging in games that involve their entire body.     They learn by movement activities and making models and setting up experiments.
  • Auditory Learners: These types of learner get thing receptive to their brain when they hear them and love to learn by oral instruction. They are found of learning by listening and speaking and they enjoy talking and interviewing massively. Scientifically, they are considered to be phonetic reader who enjoys oral reading, choral reading and listening to recorded book. They learn things by methods of interviewing, debating, participating on a panel, providing oral reports and involving in oral discussion for a written material.
  • Visual Learners: Visual learners grasp things by the mean when they see something and have liking for written instruction. They learn by observing and enjoy working with computer graphics, maps, graphs, charts, cartoons, posters, diagrams and graphic organizers.
  • Teaching global learners: These sorts of learners happen to be spontaneous and intuitive and never liked to be bored during classes and lectures. They love learning material to be presented to them interested manner employing attractive material. Global learners learn best by method of choral reading, recorded books, story writing, computer programs, games and group activities.
  • Teaching analytic learners: They are learners who plan and organize there work and happens to be details oriented and are logical. They are phonetic readers who like to work individually on activity sheet. They are best in learning when provided with information in sequential steps and numbers. They are best in adapting lessons which are structured and teacher directed.

A Master’s in Education degree undoubtedly is a very nice career prospect for anyone who wishes to enhance career in teaching with already holding bachelor’s degree in the subject. The biggest benefit of having master’s in education is increased salary rates, better job prospects and potential for career expansion. With masters in education a teacher can focus over wider range of areas and educational potential in fields like teaching, adult education, curriculum and instruction and many other fields.  Having master’s degree in education merely takes up to period of two years.

After receiving Master’s in Education, a student becomes adaptive to research methodology, critical discussions on readings and applied classroom learning practicum. Under Master’s in education a student go beyond the basic and covers extensive reading materials and classroom management skills for better understanding of the curriculum and the students. More masters in education would enable one to have better understanding of the vocation and profession in which a person deals into and then would able to narrate it in proper manner and systematically to the students.

As far the earning capacity of a teacher according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics a teacher with a master’s degree can make $200 per week, which is more for a teacher with only merely bachelor degree. That is an addition of $10,000 per year, therefore raises salary of a teacher from $31,000 to $48,000 annually.  A Master’s in Education let a teacher to continue with their career starting with from any stage whether it is elementary, middle or high school but at a higher level of salary and pay  with  an M.Ed a teacher can teach students even at post secondary colleges and universities. There is also an ample scope for an M.Ed in administrative roles like as an assistant principal, principal and position of superintendents.

A Med do also have many a number of benefits in form of flexible schedules, intellectual stimulating surroundings and rewarding financial compensation. According to reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary for post secondary education teachers was $58,120 in 2008. The highest job salary for secondary education teachers is calculated to be around $100,000. According to a recently held research there are nearly 382,000 new job prospects are due to come between years 2006-16.

Another area where jobs are well on the rise for Master’s in Education is in Administrative sector as on the designation and post of principals, assistant principals and academic deans. A person in administrative charge can make up money as far as equivalent to $140,000 per year. Moreover, there are many other areas of M.Ed Specialization which can fetch handsome reward and salaries. These specializations are in childhood education, elementary education, special education, and higher education, education in curriculum and instruction, and master in educational technology. Thus this way a Master’s in education present, valuable and wider areas to work upon to have better salaries.

With an online master’s in education degree, you will be able to advance your career and earning potential. Since the degree is offered online, you can be able to access it conveniently. This is because you are able to participate in lectures, debates and discussions through the online forums and conferencing facilities provided. An online education is the best way to get your education especially if you have other obligations that may hinder your class attendance.

Some of the things that may hinder you from attending the regular classrooms include having to take care of young kids, a day job, etc. online education provides a convenient way to earn your masters education. Now you do not have to put off your work since you can simply attend the classes when it is convenient for you without much hassle.

To get started, search for the providers of online education on the internet. Look for those that an online masters in education degree. Make sure that you choose from an accredited college. To check whether the college is accredited you can check with the federal government to see whether it is registered. You can also visit the college physically and enquire for more information. Former and current students in the college can also provide you with reliable information concerning the college and the programs to have to offer. Gather all the information you can get concerning the online masters in education degree that you intend to pursue. This will offer you a peace of mind since you will know what to expect.

This information is essential so that your masters degree is of value and recognizable by various educational institutions that offer employment. It would be unfortunate to spend your time and money in a program that is not accredited only to have problems getting a job since it has no recognition. Choose colleges that are well recognized by many people and institutions. Most of the masters of education programs can be completed in less than 2 years. Go for the program that suits your convenience.

Online masters in education degree will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge that you require to work in today’s education sector. With the online masters in education degree, you will be able to gain access to many more job opportunities in the education sector. Masters in education degree is an opening to many opportunities.