A Master’s in Education degree undoubtedly is a very nice career prospect for anyone who wishes to enhance career in teaching with already holding bachelor’s degree in the subject. The biggest benefit of having master’s in education is increased salary rates, better job prospects and potential for career expansion. With masters in education a teacher can focus over wider range of areas and educational potential in fields like teaching, adult education, curriculum and instruction and many other fields.  Having master’s degree in education merely takes up to period of two years.

After receiving Master’s in Education, a student becomes adaptive to research methodology, critical discussions on readings and applied classroom learning practicum. Under Master’s in education a student go beyond the basic and covers extensive reading materials and classroom management skills for better understanding of the curriculum and the students. More masters in education would enable one to have better understanding of the vocation and profession in which a person deals into and then would able to narrate it in proper manner and systematically to the students.

As far the earning capacity of a teacher according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics a teacher with a master’s degree can make $200 per week, which is more for a teacher with only merely bachelor degree. That is an addition of $10,000 per year, therefore raises salary of a teacher from $31,000 to $48,000 annually.  A Master’s in Education let a teacher to continue with their career starting with from any stage whether it is elementary, middle or high school but at a higher level of salary and pay  with  an M.Ed a teacher can teach students even at post secondary colleges and universities. There is also an ample scope for an M.Ed in administrative roles like as an assistant principal, principal and position of superintendents.

A Med do also have many a number of benefits in form of flexible schedules, intellectual stimulating surroundings and rewarding financial compensation. According to reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary for post secondary education teachers was $58,120 in 2008. The highest job salary for secondary education teachers is calculated to be around $100,000. According to a recently held research there are nearly 382,000 new job prospects are due to come between years 2006-16.

Another area where jobs are well on the rise for Master’s in Education is in Administrative sector as on the designation and post of principals, assistant principals and academic deans. A person in administrative charge can make up money as far as equivalent to $140,000 per year. Moreover, there are many other areas of M.Ed Specialization which can fetch handsome reward and salaries. These specializations are in childhood education, elementary education, special education, and higher education, education in curriculum and instruction, and master in educational technology. Thus this way a Master’s in education present, valuable and wider areas to work upon to have better salaries.

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