As for teaching many methods and practices can be adopted as according to the learning style and capacity to learn. As in for most of the cases for teaching a tutor needs to focus on learning capacity of a learner by assessing him by various methods and techniques. However, for basic purpose of teaching and learning a tutor can divide a leaner in number of classes according to their learning capacity.

  • Teaching Tactile Learners: These types of learners tend to capture lessons by method of touch as they can understand directions which they can learn by means of manipulative. They learn things best by drawing, making models, making dioramas, playing board games and following instruction to make something.
  • Teaching kinesthetic Learners: This is a class of learners that learn things by touching and manipulating them.  They tend to involve their entire body for learning. They learn any methods and lesson best if that is acted before them. They learn things best by indulging in games that involve their entire body.     They learn by movement activities and making models and setting up experiments.
  • Auditory Learners: These types of learner get thing receptive to their brain when they hear them and love to learn by oral instruction. They are found of learning by listening and speaking and they enjoy talking and interviewing massively. Scientifically, they are considered to be phonetic reader who enjoys oral reading, choral reading and listening to recorded book. They learn things by methods of interviewing, debating, participating on a panel, providing oral reports and involving in oral discussion for a written material.
  • Visual Learners: Visual learners grasp things by the mean when they see something and have liking for written instruction. They learn by observing and enjoy working with computer graphics, maps, graphs, charts, cartoons, posters, diagrams and graphic organizers.
  • Teaching global learners: These sorts of learners happen to be spontaneous and intuitive and never liked to be bored during classes and lectures. They love learning material to be presented to them interested manner employing attractive material. Global learners learn best by method of choral reading, recorded books, story writing, computer programs, games and group activities.
  • Teaching analytic learners: They are learners who plan and organize there work and happens to be details oriented and are logical. They are phonetic readers who like to work individually on activity sheet. They are best in learning when provided with information in sequential steps and numbers. They are best in adapting lessons which are structured and teacher directed.

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