Scholarships and Grants for Education Students

Scholarships and grants can make it possible for you to go back to school to earn a masters in education, even if you can’t afford much money out-of-pocket. Luckily, financial aid for educators who want to increase their own education is readily available; it is simply a matter of applying!

Scholarships versus Grants

Many students see scholarships and grants as the same thing, but they are actually slightly different. Both are “free” money for college (i.e., the money does not have to be repaid upon graduation), but scholarships are offered based on merit while grants are offered based on need. this is important to realize because if you’re already working as a teacher and making an income, you might not qualify for grants and if you aren’t prepared to write essays or show high GPA or test scores, you might not qualify for scholarships. Don’t waste your time applying for financial aid if you don’t meet the criteria!


There’s a third type of financial aid that fits into the scholarship versus grant equation that is of especial interest to most master’s degree students. As a graduate student, you’ll likely not find as many scholarships as you did as an undergrad. Instead, you’ll see fellowships, which are similar to scholarships (i.e., given based on merit), but while scholarships are usually no-strings-attached awards, fellowships come attached to specific responsibilities. For example, some fellowships are offered to masters in education students who are committed to specific research projects while in college and others require students to serve as teaching assistants or research assistants, helping professors at the college.

Specific Funds for Education Students

Are you ready to start applying for scholarships/fellowships and grants? Here are some that are available specifically to students earning their masters degree in education:

  • International Reading Association
  • Fund for Teachers
  • National Association for Gifted Children
  • National Education Association’s Foundation for the Improvement of Education

Keep in mind that many colleges also offer scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid directly to their students, so if you need money for college, the best place to start your search is often with the financial aid department at the college you’ll be attending.

Top Education Masters Degrees

University of Southern California
MEd: Teaching
University of Southern California:For years, University of Southern California has remain one of the nation's leading providers in education and has added several online courses to its course catalog in response to changes in students attending college. USC has accredited programs for students interested in receiving masters degrees in the education field: Teaching and English to Speaking of Other Languages.
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Northcentral University
MEd: Athletic Admin
MEd: eLearning
MEd: Global Training
MEd: Early Childhood Ed
More Degrees...
Northcentral University:For students looking to quickly advance their careers in education, Northcentral University now has many online programs available. These online programs offer more flexibility and convenience than campus programs and can be completed at a relatively fast pace. Students can specialize in various fields like Athletic Admin, eLearning, Global Training & Development, and Early Childhood Education.
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Walden University
MS: Education
Walden University:The online MS in Education degree at Walden University connects students with education experts, researchers and scholars. Students learn the latest technology for use in the classroom including podcasts and electronic portfolios. The Teacher Leadership specialization helps students to improve their leadership capabilities for working with parents and mentoring colleagues.
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Kaplan University
MS: Education
MS: Ed. Leadership
MS: Instruc. Tech.
More Degrees...
Kaplan University:Kaplan University offers numerous specialization in education at the Master's level, including instructional technology (K-12), and educational leadership. Additionally, the MS in higher education features specializations in student affairs, online college teaching, college administration & leadership, and college teaching & learning.
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Liberty University
MEd: Teaching
MEd: Elementary Ed.
MEd: Secondary Ed.
MEd: Special Ed.
Liberty University:Liberty University prepares its students for a rewarding educational career with a M.Ed. in Teaching & Learning with specializations in: elementary education, secondary education, and special education. Liberty University is known for its diverse curriculum and outstanding faculty.
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